Update 10/20

Life is crazy with the move to Austin. I am extremely excited, but feeling very bittersweet about leaving Philadelphia. Packing, politics, parties, oh My! I haven’t moved in 8 years…now I remember why!
Had a great road trip to Centralia PA,
Where I clad Myself in new latex and went off-roading in search of smoking ground! Took some great shots which will hit My website soon.

Thursday I leave for My last trip to DC! It will be a good chance for Me to channel some of My anxiety and adrenaline into tormenting and frustrating lucky slaves!
Moving week is the craziest of all! Three performances, Halloween farewell party, then leaving Philly Nov. 1st for three days of road tripping to My new home. I will be riding the Triumph down part of the journey…can’t wait to zoom through the Appalachians!

I will be taking it easy for a while….taking time to clear My head and relax (as much as I possibly can)…
I hope to be setting up My dungeon in Austin during Nov., and taking some quick trips to neighboring towns.

Niteflirt is up and running again, and I will be touching base with all of you soon enough!

Kisses and Kicks (to you know where)


Get your motor running…..