Get over My knee boy!

I have always had a maternal streak, without the desire to ever have children of My own.
There is something about being the sexy sadistic mommy that really gets Me going…it is, by far, the RP I am turned on by the most. Never really read into why…. but it’s always happened that way.

When in Vegas, I dished out some good old fashioned discipline to a boy in dire need of it.
As he regressed from his stressed out adult reality, My boy found himself a teenager again, misbehaving and making the mistake of NOT keeping his mother pleased. He had been caught indulging in some very adult-oriented reading material, as his pubescent body changes were bringing on all sorts of new curiosities.

Mommy Goddess had to have a long chat with him about the birds and the bees, and take strict measures to assure he not get his sexual education from some group of hooligans, and the dirty magazines they grifted from their fathers’.

The feeling of having a grown man thrown over My knee and literally dangling there never loses it’s charm.
I love positioning in front of a mirror so he can see, that it’s no matter he’s all grown up, over THIS lap, he’s off the floor and naturally forced to face the naughty inner child.

The ritual of nurturing/humiliating a grown man in this way, I find, is very cathartic.
A slow methodically OTK, rising in intensity, forcing squirming and whining and begging always makes Mammy Goddess a happy Woman!!

Do you ever dabble in elements of age play?
It’s is often labeled as ‘taboo’ play, but I don’t really see it that way. Many who ends up in the BDSM life
usually have an inspirational link from childhood going with it…weather it be games of manhunt, a overbearing babysitter or sister, a teacher, first girlfriend or school bully…

What was yours? Do you ever reenact your earliest moments of kink? ( Before you knew it was kinky?)


Guess who’s blonde??

Yep. (Ok, maybe a little pink here, but new pics coming in two weeks!)