Interviewed by Irene Boss


Please tell us a little about Your background?

– I come from a German/Irish family, and was raised Catholic, spending much of My formidable years in Catholic School
(explains a lot!). I was always a rambunctious child, and a bit of a troublemaker (who would have guessed?) As a teen, I was pulled to punk rock culture, which turned Me on to many subtle elements of BDSM. Much to My father’s dismay, My teenage heroes were Women like Wendy O. Williams and Joan Jett… I always wanted to challenge and question authority. My parents were both victims of white collar lay off’s during the 80’s and I knew then that the rat race was NOT for Me. I think those years internally programmed Me only to see the future as something I would create & define for Myself, no matter what was ‘expected’ of Me.

Where are You originally from?

– I have been in the Philadelphia area most of My life. I am excited to say that as of Nov. 1st 2009, I will be a resident of Austin Texas! No matter where I rest My head, however, I definitely have the gypsy spirit. I have always loved traveling, experiencing new things and people. For the past 5 years, I have been constantly on the move across the U.S., indulging both My kinky and vanilla pursuits of pleasure & leisure.

How old were You when You became interested in BDSM?

– There was no exact time or age. I always had dominant traits. Most of My childhood games were ones of some sort of power structure. I had a playhouse in the backyard that became a den of naughty childhood exploration, including doctor, manhunt, and cowboys and Indians….I always ended up being the one in charge of such games…and My poor younger brother….between being locked in closets and forced to dress in My mother clothing for fashion shows, it’s amazing he’s not a raging slave!!

How Were You introduced to BDSM?

– I began playing with BDSM in high school. My first boyfriend was older and kinky, and at that point, I was very nervous about sex. I played bondage, tease, and torment games with him quite a bit to avoid the big deed. Control and sexuality was a connection in Me early on. Combined with discovering authors like Henry Miller, Pauline Reage, Marquis DeSade, and George Bataille, I was on the path to perversity before I even lost My virginity!

What is Your favorite type of scene?

– Its so hard to define ‘favorite’. My favorite scenes really depend on the sub I am with. I love mixing it up, so the more versatile one is, the better. I do have a weakness for the psycho-sexual side of things, and love humiliation games, extreme bondage, role-plays, and forced womanhood.

Do You play with other Ladies?

– I welcome the chance to team up with like minded Ladies. I feel lucky to have known the Dommes I do play with…Mistress Renee, D’arcy & Astrid of Philadelphia, Maya Sinstress of Chicago, and Mistress Wynter of NYC are some of the Ladies I hold closest to My heart!

Are there any other Mistresses Who You admire?

– I feel lucky to have entered the Pro Scene when I did. I looked up to Women like Ilsa Strix, Sabrina Belladonna, Mistress Mir, Irene Boss and Midori, especially after meeting some of them via workshops and parties. I have also admired Judy Guerin for a long time, and her work with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Is there anything You would like to tell our readers about projects You are involved with?

– A consummate Gemini, I have My hands in many projects. I have been an Emcee for both a Burlesque and Sideshow troupe for years…I love the art of Vaudeville. Performing in the fetish arena is also a pleasure, and I have been part of events such as NYC’s SMack!, & Gomorrah, as well as Philly’s Diabloique & Libertine Ball. I also dabble in sculpture ( from small to large) and am currently learning the art of welding!!

Please tell everyone how You can be contacted online?

The best way to contact Me is through My website:


Made into art

A good friend of Mine included Me in his collection of graphic portraits. LOVE IT!



Bad kitty

Public play with Toiletboy

What did you do Monday night? While many of you were adjusting back to your workweek and the weekday routine, Miss Maya, Myself and out pig toilet boy set out for some adventure.

His humiliation began with himself. Upon entering Miss Maya’s doors, I could hear the pig gushing with excitement and anticipation. He giggled like a school girl when he realized two Goddesses would start off his evening of humiliation, public play, and nasty toiletry.

Assuming the position, John Shittonface, (as he was later named) knelt down to inhale the aroma of the two pairs of coveted, heavily scented feet. His desperation was obvious…like a kid on Christmas, he could wait to get those feet out of their shoe wrappings, and indulge in the bouquet….Hahaah.

Maya and I were dressed for the occasion, having made custom tight t-shirts that had subtle and not so subtle references to shit play on them….we wanted to send a message of filth to the public tonight.

The only person missing their contribution was John. With no t-shirt made for out toilet, we improvised and gave him a unique fashion of filthiness. I double filled diaper, containing brown gold from BOTH My Sister in Sin and I! We made the pig top it off with a shower from his own bladder…we hadn’t even left the house yet, and already he was full of filth!

So, out we went. We were joined by Mistress Carly, another Chicago Domme who loves her raunch! All in skimpy dress, we turned heads everywhere, even the gay country and western bar we took our toilet to. Sadly, there wasn’t a big collection of cock for us to push onto our pig, so instead we all had a cocktail. He was forced to drink CHEAP ASS tequila, while all the ladies drank top shelf. We alternated spitting in his drink before he got it down….it was just a measure to calm his nerves, but instead he found his slave zen in rubbing our feet at the table, sneaking sniffs and kisses along the way.

When he snuck off and returned with a beer (which we didn’t ok) I decided that was enough. I told him to chug half that beer while I visited the Ladies room. I proceeded to piss into a container and discreetly re-fill the beer with My own golden brew. Miss Carly also contributed some pee to the concoction!!!

We left the bar with toiletboy feeling the humiliation….back to Maya’s to cap the evening off…but I will let him write about the rest…

More pics from electrosex show








Live Fetish Girls!

From My electro/piercing performance Wed. night in Philly…