Trouble making in Texas: part 1: lackey boy’s adventure.

you already know how I treated My lackey slave to dinner, but that is just one facet of the diamond that is My perverse and sadistic mind. Houston turned out to be a damn good time. I was served loyally and pampered by My little lackey, who’s life I basically ran for two days. He was used and controlled like never before, and made it so obvious that his true calling is that of a SLAVE.

As the sun set on the second day, he arrived to pick Me up for an evening out. I had a pair of My scented pantyhose waiting, along with some ideas to up the ante over dinner the night before.
I tied a cbb harness around his useless junk, and attached a small bristly hairbrush to sit right along the shaft. He moaned instantly in discomfort, which really tickled Me.

Off we went, to grab a quick bite and cocktail. I could tell by his shuffling, that My conversation was getting him all hot and bothered, intensifying his genital predicament. I made it a point to speak about My boy toys, their beautiful big cocks, and how sometimes, a lucky slave gets to witness how he will NEVER have chance to satisfy and service Me. Hahahaaa….
To cap off the experience in Houston, I decided I wanted to get a tattoo. This drove him insane as well. I must say, this lackey had good taste, as one of his weakness is for, well, just what I am: A Tattooed Bitchy Bombshell.

An excerpt from one of his follow up emails:

I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me, not only as “the Goddess”, but more so as yourself. I realize that is the biggest privilege one could be rewarded with, especially since it was a first time meeting. Thank you for trusting me, I appreciate your hospitality, warmth and genuineness, you gave so much to me in such little time…attention, conversation, companionship, time, discretion, friendship, the list goes on – i’m very luck guy to have had that with you (seeing as I was a complete stranger, perhaps now a little more acquainted). I enjoyed having dinner with you tonight, our conversation, getting to hang out and just learn about you as a person – your AWESOME and a *very* special person. I hope you enjoyed my company and that the tattoo bears some memories of your TX adventure and our crossing of paths in the years to come. I am so glad I was able to meet you in person after checking out your website for years!


Poem from toiletboy

There once was a lady from Philly
To challenge her would be quite silly
She was mesmerizing and pleasant to see
the only use for you was to drink her pee
Her feet were rewards and for you to adore
If you were lucky enough to suck on them and act like a whore
She would tower over you put you in your proper place
all while you would beg for her to spit in your face
your useless and pathetic and beg for her without haste
open your mouth she tells you and take in all my waste
and its the desire for her smell and touch you so crave
suck her cock be her toilet for this you make sure you behave

🙂 Hahaha

Dinner with Me.

Just got done with dinner. My lackey boy in Houston accompanied Me to a greek restaurant where I informed him I would be doing all the ordering. He was allowed one appetizer, and any other food that made its way to his plate would be My scraps.

When the waitress arrived, I told her the same thing.
She seemed really confused by My request for a empty ‘scrap’ dish for him.

When our first course arrived, I gave him his portion…before being able to eat any however, I discreetly topped it with a few large globs of spit. It glazed the shirmp nicely, and as he brought the fork to his mouth, I could see the shiny spit strings hanging down! Hahahaaaaaaaa

My main course came, and I made sure slave wouldn’t go hungry.
I took a few mouthfuls, chewing My food into a paste. Each mushy mouthful was then discreetly spit out on to pieces of bread.
It was Goddess tapenade!

He was thoroughly humiliated.
I was thoroughly amused.
A good start to My Texas trip for sure!

My panties are so wet right now…

A new work by slave “poet pig”. Hahaha!

Goddess Athena i’m Your slut
Oh how i worship Your beautiful Butt

So long and lean and what a voice
To serve You well i have no choice

How i long to be used by You
Don’t let me cum make my balls so blue

To be Your toilet and cocksucking pro
Dress me up and make me Your ho

Now i serve six feet of superiority
i will kiss Your ass and guzzle Your pee

Eating shit if it is Your wish
i will smile and swallow this delicious dish

Goddess Athena Lourdes for You i will be glee and gay
my only task is to do as You say

Thank You Ma’am for just being You
It is now my goal to have Your shit to chew