The ART!!!



Ok, so I have been slacking.

Let’s see, since May…I have done a bit of traveling as you may know.
My trip to Chicago was indeed one of debauch, as Maya and I held the Chicago installment of our Pig party.
We partied like rock stars that week, having our way with slaves, and the unsuspecting men of the Windy city.
(A lucky few became our pig party afterparty 😉 )

I got back into Philly with a day to re-adjust, then was up to NYC for SMack! Fetish ball.
Miss Maya and I performed a gender bending rock and roll kinkly burlesque number. It was OVER the top!
(Still trying to hunt down footage or event pics)

June 1st found Me finally able to relax and catch up on sleep…and that’s just what I did.
Read a few books, hit the gym, and shopped. Good Week.

June 7th was My Birthday!!
Had a wonderful day/night/morning with close friends.

I am mostly focusing on art related projects at home this month….waiting for this damn rain to pass!
Finding time to do some VERY fun Abduction Scenes…..added pics to the Yahoo Group too.

I will be in DC THIS weekend, with very limited availability…

July finds Me traveling around a lot. Check My site for updates and locations.
Chicago – Manchester NH – NYC – Austin TX