NYC this weekend! May 1-2-3

Excited to being May!
I will be traveling much of the month, to three of My favorite cities: NYC, DC, and Chicago!
Between shopping, dining and socializing, I will make time to train a few lucky slaves!
you know the drill! Email!


Tattooed Beauty

I am a guest for the opening exhibit of “Skin and Bones” A life of the American Sailor
An exhibit that celebrates traditional tattoo work of the 40’s and 50’s.

A love of classic tattoos Myself, I am very excited! I will be showing off My gypsy…amongst others !

Remeber….Tattooed Women make better lovers, friends, and Mistresses!! 🙂

New photos…

Shot in DC….Fun!



I love making hotel rooms My own…candles, incense, etc. A domestic dungeon basically.
I am sad that there is no good art in my DC room….Boston on the other hand, THAT room had nice art…especially after Maya and I customized it !! HA!


Off to D.C. this week…

Excited! Miss Maya and I have developed quite a friendship and She is joining Me in DC, as well as for a few days in Philly. It’s so nice when you can connect with another femme fatale, and share the joy that abusing and using men brings!!! Watch out slaves…here we come!



HAHAHAHAH! He spent 2 hours there!

Hell in high heels, and on the highway

It is with great joy and a warm fuzzy feeling that I introduce you to My new toy….


1968 Chrysler Newport. Rebuilt 440 engine….all solid…fast as hell.
Oh yes…and a very roomy trunk….MWahahahahahah.
This is what I am talking about when I say pampering….a loyal and devoted slave made this happen for Me!!
Bob, you are in GOOD GRACES! Hahahaha.